Wedding Planning Service

Planing a wedding isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But nevertheless your wedding shouldn’t be a stressful time. As a wedding planner my part is to guide you trough this process and support you.

There are many choices to make – the location, the colour scheme, the music or the photographer, just to mention a few of them. So it’s easy to get confused by all your diverent options and you may have no idea where to start or what you should be aware of.

If you chose to work with us, we are there for you to help you with your decisions or give you tips and tricks.

We’re offering tree diverent packages and some extras for you.

Iron Package

You want a layed back wedding and ensure that everything works perfectly well? Than our Iron Package is the perfect choice for you. From the moment  you choose this package, we stand by your side. We will show you a wide variety of different beautiful locations. We will work out the perfect dinner for your special day. You don’t have to worry about the flowers, the decorations and all the other details.

On your wedding day we accompany you and manage the whole day so you can relax and enjoy the most special day in your life. 

If you want to know more, we would be glad if you contact us and we submit you an offer with all further details and prices.


Earth Package

Many couples want to plan their marriage on their own but don’t know exactly where to start. Maybe the most work is done and you need some last advices. And that’s our catchword! Here comes our Earth Package in action. If you need a location, a store with the most beautiful wedding dresses or just a last checklist, this is the best choice.

For more details you can contact us.

Wooden Package

Everything is organised, the day is planned exactly. You’ve bought the dress, the suit and the rings, but you don’t want to take care of anything else on your special day? No problem, we have a great solution for you. We accompany you almost like a personal assistant. From the arrival of the guests through the ceremony til the end of your celebration/wedding.

Just get in touch with us to get more informations.


From the moment we held our little puppy for the first time we knew exactly he would be our new family member. For us it was crystal clear that our little puppy had to be part of our wedding too. Nevertheless we were very happy that someone was there taking care of him the whole day. To be honest with you, between the „I do“, the conversations with the guests and the first dance, there was little time to go on a walk, petting or feeding him. Dogs are really sensitive animals and the nervousness of the bridal couple rubs off on him.

So we offer you a little Ad-on. A second person can be joining me on your weeding exclusively for your dog. You decide if the dog should be on the weeding for the whole day, or just a certain amount of time.

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